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 The history of the Turkish "woman" in place is very important, and a Turkish man with Turkish women is an integral part of each other.

Therefore, the history of the Turkish woman it is not possible to accept as a separate, excluded. But in the face of changes in time and space the Turkish woman in the family, community and Government understanding of the changes.

The above mentioned working with these changes in the family, community, Government, business, health, education, rural, urban history, literature, etc. in areas such as positive, negative, effects etc. are identified with special emphasis on topics such as.

As Celal Bayar University, Center for Research and Application in Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions "THE PERCEPTION OF WOMEN IN THE TURKISH WORLD" in the title of a work is planned. International thought to be for this study Turkey, Turkish Republics, other Turkish homeland and will be held in other countries, it is expected that the participation of the academic level.Our study of articles will be published.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr.Şayan ULUSAN

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           Dr.Shurubu Kayhan (Researcher)

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